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'Grain Brain' by Dr. Perlmutter

‘Grain Brain’ by Dr. Perlmutter goes to the heart of brain decline caused by gluten, sugar and carbohydrates.  This book has proven case studies and medical findings that link imbalances such as ADHD, ADD, anxiety and depression to the foods that we eat.  Dr. Perlmutter scientifically explains the benefits of high protein, high fat diet, regular cardiovascular exercise and consistent sleep.  He goes on to prove that what we thought of as good or bad cholesterol has no real basis to the health of our body. 

“Time and time again, science has failed to connect dietary fats of animal origin (i.e., saturated fats) and dietary cholesterol to both levels of serum cholesterol and risk for coronary heart disease; the belief that the cholesterol we eat converts directly into blood cholesterol is unequivocally false; and (2) when researches compare serum cholesterol levels to egg intake, they note over and over again that the levels of cholesterol in those who consume few or no eggs are virtually identical to those in people who consumer bountiful numbers of eggs.  Remember that contrary to popular wisdom, dietary cholesterol actually reduces the body’s production of cholesterol, and more than 80% of the cholesterol in our blood that is measured on your cholesterol test is actually produced by your own liver.”

For your brain to have total BLISS, please read this book and be open to having a clear, focused mind if you follow his protocol.

The Grain Brain Book