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"Mahalia helped me to save $33,600.00." ~Harmoney


"My broken foot healed in 6 weeks instead of 6 months." ~Linda Rose


"My brother's brain tumour disappeared." ~Ida


"Mahalia helped me find and buy my dream home in record time." ~Antonia


"I no longer need a catheter even though I was told I'd need one the rest of my life." ~Graziella



 Concussion Recovery

"I was so glad this class was part of the Ocean Gold Stewardship, because I had a concussion on Thanksgiving in 2015, which started me on my own year-long journey back to brain health. My journey was around giving the brain the nutrients, supplements, and oxygen needed to help it recover. I was drunk and playing "Heads Up" for the first time. I went to pantomime a sumo wrestler and I lost my balance, fell back, and slammed my head into the metal reinforced corner of the wall. The sound was so loud and echoed through the house. Mark stood up from the couch like a prairie dog looking around to see who got hurt. It was a pretty severe TBI. I felt like I had the flu the next day and when I went to get the seven staples taken out of the back of my head two weeks later, my blood pressure and heart rate were way off.  It took about 15 months of focus to get to a place where my brain could function enough to do my job as a technical writer. 

I really wanted to take your concussion class, but I also wanted to take some of your other classes, and since I only had so much funds I could allocate, I couldn't make a choice.
First let me say that I am working on finding my voice and sounding. Sometimes in the classes I would just make myself do it and figured I'd get more comfortable with it the more I did it. Sometimes I just imagined myself doing the whale hum and the dolphin haaa. Towards the end, around gateway 12, it was getting easier, but I also honored when I didn't feel it, because I didn't want to manipulate myself by making myself do it. Off and on I could feel how it was helping. Suffice it to say, because I've said so much already on this, I know it's something that will help me and I am open to allowing it to evolve as I go through the other classes.
Your ability to weave words and energy, that's what struck me the first time I heard you in Spring 2021 on Cari Murphy's show. So I signed up for your free 20-minute transmissions once a month. I've only been to Hawaii twice, once to Kauai and once to Ohau, but the spirit of Hawaii made a big impact on me. So much so I cried on the plane ride home leaving Kauai. I connected with the whales, dolphins and turtles on an expedition tour. I also recall my interest getting peaked during one of the Star Trek movies when they were lifting the whales out of the ocean to protect them. And again, when I was in Puget Sound and how prevalent the orcas are there. 
  • Atlas Axis Realignment - This loosened up my neck so much. I was happily surprised how much more movement I had in my neck. 
  • Brainwave Coherence - I loved bringing all the brainwaves into harmony. I have this Mind's Eye machine by Theta Technologies that pulses sound through headphones and light through LEDs on sunglasses (you keep your eyes closed) at different frequencies (beta, delta, theta). I haven't used it much in the past 10 years, but for a while I was doing 2-3 programs a day. I hadn't heard of the gamma, lambda, epsilon, or even the high-beta brainwaves until this class. 
  • Skull and Suture Flexibility - Imagining my skull as a singing bowl and the sutures like the leather on a drum felt so good like I was giving my brain space to be
  • Sphenoid Reset - This was a big one for me, because it's an area that needs some attention with having Hashimoto's, sinus stuff, ear stuff, eye stuff.  I think the sphenoid bone went out of alignment because of the concussion in 2015.  This class sent me on a long tangent into the anatomy of the skull and brain.
    I could never find anything on the sphenoid being a flexible bone nor the bone in the foot that is the most flexible, but just getting a better picture of the sphenoid bone, the ventricles, the lobes, etc. was helpful. I always wondered what was inside my skull. 
  • Neurotransmitter Recharge - 
The concept of retracing, that your body always heals in reverse order, so if you're feeling stuff come up, whether physical or emotional, it's a good sign that you are healing it. 
I really appreciated all the supporting material you included for each gateway and found myself going to the links to learn more. The energy of each gateway with what you weaved with words, sound, energy and the support of the Lyrans, whales, dolphins, and light energy was so helpful. I could feel stuff moving, opening up, relaxing, healing. After each gateway I noticed a change from more movement in my neck to more powerful dreams. I wasn't able to freely sound the whale hum and dolphin ha, not because of anyone around me, just because I wasn't comfortable doing it. But, I made myself do it enough that I'm becoming more comfortable with it, just not enough to do it every time or daily...yet. 
If I think back to how things were before this master class and how they are now after it, I feel I'm able to provide more support to the areas you talked about because I'm more aware of them now, I feel that each transmission provided gentle support and healing, my neck has more movement, my dreams are deeper, and the night after I did the pons medulla reunion I slept really well. Overall I feel that my brain, skull, and related areas are all working better. This work that was done in this master class even came into other group healing sessions I participate in, which is always interesting when that happens. Specifically, the brain was highlighted more consistently in the last few sessions, when before it wasn't very often.
Mahalia, I am in awe of what you can do and how you help. I first heard you in Spring 2021 on Cari Murphy's show and immediately signed up for your free once-a-month 20-minute transmissions. Then, the second time you were on Cari's show in 2021, during the transmission I was introduced to these two parts of myself I forgot about. It was like meeting two spirit parts of me. I only got a glimpse of both of them, but it was enough to know they are there and enough for me to want to find a way to reunite with them. They are part of me, spirit parts of me that I denied or hid away, and that transmission you did on Cari's show opened me up to seeing them. Having that experience and then seeing what a generous offer you had put together, even though it was more money than I was comfortable spending, I had to do it. 
I feel that there is more I can get out of the Concussion Recovery Master Class by listening to the series a couple more times. There's always more, right? But I'm happy with what I got out of it this first go round. I need to dance lightly with these things, otherwise they start to get too heavy, which causes my resistance to build. 
Lastly, I was so touched by the last gateway and Mama Cow Lilith and your emotions, and my emotions, and I'm sure everyone's emotions. I felt for her and for you, and probably for a past life me. I had to stop the recording to go blow my nose and take a minute. I found myself intending for you and Lilith what you say a lot for us, "raise her up, lift her up," higher love. 
To me you are a kahuna. I always wanted to meet a kahuna. Your voice is so healing, powerful, magical, and the words you choose and how you weave them, so powerful. Thank you for sharing your gifts/talents/capabilities."  S. Kleinsmith

Sexual and Relationship Healing 

“Hi Mahalia,

My name is Tamara Gibson.  I’m very good friends with Ron Obadia, who directed me to you a couple years ago, when I was in the midst of a healing adventure.  I had reached out to you in desperation and asked if you could offer a scholarship and you gifted me participation in your program. 

My life has never been the same. 

I was able to gracefully untangle from my marriage (we are still great friends and co-parents) and reclaim my sexuality and sensuality. After healing my relationship with myself on all levels, I am now in a most exquisite partnership with a man that is satisfying on all levels. 

I am now dedicated to helping others, as I promised. I am an RTT therapist (rapid transformational therapist) and use art, words and nature to help heal the feminine wound. I call my program Healing Eve. My practice is called GlowPoint. I’m just in the process of birthing it now. 

I Participated in your Global Bliss Transmission this morning... 

and I am reminded of how powerful your gift is."

With deep love and appreciation. 

Always. Tamara. 


From Concussion to Health

“I had a concussion a few months ago and I was dizzy and off balance. I had five sessions of brain-bliss sound healing and my health is back, my verbal skills are better, I found my balance and I have more energy. I highly recommend Mahalia's work.”  - Reverend Ray Wiggins 

PTSD Gone After 3 Sessions

“I was suffering from many symptoms due to PTSD including chronic stress when I met Mahalia. I am happy to say that after only 3 Brain-Bliss sessions I have been able to come off of 3 medications with help from my Psychiatrist, shed over 20 pounds, relieved a chronic wrist pain, opened my own successful business, released unhealthy relationships and met the love of my life. Thank you Mahalia. These results are still with me one year later.” - Kimberly Moore 

Brain Fog Gone After 3 Sessions

“She's a beautiful soul who is using her gifts to better the lives of those she meets.  I am honored and grateful to have been introduced to Mahalia after a new friend heard of my head injury.

Ten months earlier I had been struck forcefully in the occipital bone with a hard rubber ball.  Although I didn't pass out, I had all the signs of a concussion.  I had lost my sense of smell, taste, had reflux, and then the pain moved into my hip.  My smell and taste had returned but the pain was my hip was worrisome.  

I was concerned about what else might show up over time.  My endocrine system was showing signs of fatigue.

On a business trip, I met a woman who raved about Mahalia.  I quickly reached out to her and we quickly connected.  Prior to our call, I watched her interview, quickly I realized this wasn't my first head trauma it started at the age of 2yrs old.  I crashed into the curb while riding a toy and hit so hard I knocked my front tooth right out of my mouth.

While working with Mahalia I realized I had multiple head traumas.  She also saw a tailbone trauma, one that I had forgotten about since it happened 20 yrs earlier.

Before starting with Mahalia I had gained weight, felt sluggish, foggy-headed, suffered from digestive issues, and didn't feel like myself.

I worked privately with her and within three sessions, I was back to myself; thinking clearly, energetic, digestion was back to normal and the brain fog was removed.  Also, I was noticing that my hip was regenerating.  

Time, money and energy well spent.  I cannot thank Mahalia enough for sharing her gift with all of us.  For living and fulfilling her life purpose with BLISS!

Love, Light & Inspiration," - Gina Vincent ~ Bliss Coach

A Happy Heart

"Last night I felt lighter. This morning my anxiety was much lighter, by as much as 75%. And at the same time I felt some happiness in my heart. It is like a big metal weight which was dragging me down is now gone."  - Anonymous 

No Longer Depressed

“I was dragging my ass around and sluggish for 24 years. I had head injury after head injury and was mentally apathetic about life. I had given up on ever feeling good again .. now, since experiencing Brain-Bliss Light Sound, I am feeling much, much younger mentally, I feel like I am in my 30’s again. I have let go of trauma from my past. I am focusing on getting healthy and I have energy to do more. I no longer feel like a loser or a failure. The scar tissue has lifted and unexpected positive things are dropping in my lap … and today on my 8th session … I feel clean, expanded, light and free. I was on two calls last Wednesday, plan to be on two this week. I always start to float away when I hear your speaking voice — my body and energy field relate to your voice as the sound of healing. So again, thank you very much.” - Scott 

Radiation Burns Gone

"Dear Mahalia, 

Just so you know, as a three year old I fractured the front of my skull in three places and endured a severe concussion.  When I was six years old, I dove into the shallow end of a pool and broke my nose so severely that when the doctors examined it, they said it was the worst break they had ever seen. After I broke my nose as a child, I broke it two more times. Once as a thirteen year old, and once at twenty four years old. 

The last and final time ( I pray to God) I injured myself was when I fell down a flight of eight concert stairs and fractured the back of my head in two places giving myself another concussion. I broke two ribs and also hairline fractured another.  I displaced a disk in my lower back and tore my rotator cuff. It was nasty and when I came too I actually thought I had died. From that fall I also endured ringing in my ears for three years and had incredible floaters and flashing lights in my eyes for the same. 

The glory of the work you do is astounding. The gift you've been given by God, or whoever you choose to believe in, is beyond words. The magnificent whales, who found you and honored you to work with humans and I would think animals, make me weep when I see them, and of course the most remarkable dolphins who have always touched my life and soul profoundly.  

What I also wanted to share with you is this, I can actually feel a gentle but intense healing going on in different parts of my body. Especially in the front part of my skull and brain (where I severely fractured it as a child) and on the high left hand side of my skull and brain, that were fractured after my fall. 

I also want to mention that I had terrible radiation burns from using a cell phone on a long distance trip, unprotected. Those burns on my forearm had plagued me for a year and a half. They are gone. I felt that healing happening also, and it was slightly uncomfortable, and it took about 2 minutes.  But when it was over the pain disappeared. It's gone.

I am blessed that my friend Romey turned me onto to you, and that the whales and dolphins have found me and want to help. God is great.  

I am filled with appreciation. Thank you forever.  

Warmly, with love and respect" - Kathleen 

Miraculous Eye Restoration

Mahalia ~ One thing I really must let you know is that within the very FIRST WEEK of doing the 333, I had a spontaneous healing of a very serious vision degeneration!! 

My left eye for over two years had a dark area in the outside periphery of my vision which had been getting progressively worse. I’d seen an optometrist/ophthalmologist/eye surgeon who gave me no hope. I was very concerned about losing my vision in that eye.

Sometime within the first week of starting your 333, I noticed the dark area was gone!
It’s been over a month now & my left eye is just fine!

What a miracle!! What a blessing!! I can’t thank you enough!!

This is truly catapulting my whole life into amazing new dimensions.

This is such powerful transformative work you are doing!!

I am beyond grateful for you and to receive these outrageous BLESSINGS of Brain Bliss and The Power of 333 program.” - 🦋🦋🦋G.E.

Confusion to Clarity

“Mahalia, thank you so very much for my new out look on life! My only 3 “brain-bliss” sessions with you have resulted in regaining of my mind. From fatigue and confusion to energy and clarity. What more could one ask? Thank you!  - Rev. Ray Wiggins 

Quitting Sugar was Easy

“…I forgot to tell you that I have been wanting to quit sugar for so long, and almost right after our first Brain-Bliss Re-Boot session, I did and it was so easy … thank you with all my heart – and head – Mahalia.” - K.F. 

Manifesting with Brain Bliss Tools

“Dear Sweet Mahalia .. I have found that having your tools has REALLY helped me manage “life’s demands at this time” much better and I know in the future that ALL my wishes will manifest. I love the Bliss Process. It is life changing.” - Lynn B 

Where Nothing Else Worked, Brain Bliss Did

"As a very young girl, I was only a few feet away from my younger sibling as he passed away in a traumatic event which injured other family members. This particular event placed myself and my family on a path which took years for me to comprehend.

I have seen many counselors, spoken to many doctors and worked diligently to heal and to love myself and my life. Just before being introduced to Brain-Bliss and Mahalia, I had a period of a few days where I dedicated myself to entering a path where I would heal 100% and truly know wholeness. When I first heard Mahalia’s story and listened to her, I knew that Brain Bliss was an answer to my prayers.

For anyone committed to effecting their own ability to create a life they love and experience true bliss… Please join Brain-Bliss with whole hearted commitment to being able to shape your life and life experiences. Mahalia has guidance and knowledge that once embraced leads to a wholeness where bliss revels and thrives. I loved the Brain-Bliss class, and greatly cherished my one on one experience with Mahalia because working with her was where I finally found peace and freedom in the most honoring way. 

I love you, my sister of Bliss!! I hope you feel the sense of liberation you gave me. Words are inadequate for expressing my gratitude.” - Kristin Curtis Firefighter 

A State of Grace

“I came back to my core, feel more whole and complete, integrated, feel wide open, crystal clear and light, more space within myself, both grounded and present, sparkly state of grace, blissful state, was effortless and fulfilling, space for possibilities, available and centred. Thank you so much.” - Marcelo Celis 

Next Level Health

“Mahalia Michael and Brain-Bliss.com … thank you for giving me a new level of health in my life; through the power of sound and brain health. I HIGHLY recommend Mahalia’s work for anyone looking to take their life to another level of performance.” - Josette Williams  

Super Happy and More Creative 

".. my client who has had mild to moderate head injury from 3 car accidents, including a history of being bullied in childhood was released from her ‘inner prison’ after only one brain-bliss 30 minute private session. This was her report when she came back a week later for her second session … “I have more creativity, I am laughing for no reason, smiling often, better sleeping, no night time anxiety so no anti-anxiety drugs for a week. I have better interactive human communication, more sensitivity in nature, I am not over thinking, I am enjoying the moments, not reacting to teasing or negative comments from others and I am super happy at work. :)” - Kelsey Lacroix 

Business Increase and Pure Joy

“Mahalia’s brain-bliss sound healing sessions have been of utmost value to my brain and to my life. Within the very first few sessions, I experienced a sense of simplicity to my life, a sense of wholeness, and profound change to viewing and attracting things into my life. Her ability to feel, see, and change the actual energetic pulsations in my brain were astounding. My brain continuously loved her sounds, the tone, and the direction. I felt my brain moving from a place of shame, guilt, and pain to a place of pure joy, love, and serenity. Her toning gave my brain permission to move away from people who were manipulating me and to recognize when I was feeding their manipulation and control. There was a period of time where I realized it has always been a choice, but my brain was stuck in this rhythm from car accident trauma and felt safe there; constantly creating the same movie. From her BrainBliss sessions, I felt safe enough within myself and empowered to not respond to the things in life that were draining me, but to respond to life where it was giving me joy, success, and self value. My business increased immediately after a few sessions with Mahalia to the point where I was so busy that I could not keep up. The people in my life that were draining me stopped as I had the courage and confidence to say no. I stopped attracting drama with my trauma, and starting attracting people in my life that valued me and ultimately supported my vision in life.”  - F.L. 

Reconnection with Vitality

"… The Brain-Bliss session I had with you, Mahalia, was awesome and life-changing. As an extremely sensitive person and healing bodyworker myself, I am picky about who I allow to put their hands on me. I knew from the moment I met you that you had a special energy, and this was evident during our Brain Bliss session. I felt completely safe, nurtured, honored and met during the session. I could feel myself shifting away layers of history from my cells and opening to new breath and possibility. Since then (about 5 months ago) I have chosen to take some empowering, very big steps in my life, including moving and ending a long-term relationship. I have also felt a reconnection with my own vitality and sensuality. I feel that your session helped me “over the hump” to realize exactly what I needed to do for myself. Thank you so much for your compassion, presence, and love and for embodying and living what you know to be true. I am blessed to know you and to have gotten the chance to experience your unique healing gifts.” - With Aloha, Dr. Suzanne Schiller 

Heart Opened and Up With the Angels

“Mahalia. Thank you so much for the treatment yesterday! I was completely blissed out after and following it, my heart felt so open and my brain felt so relaxed! You are a very talented healer. I felt like I was up with the angels. I also felt so connected to you and it was a real treat.” - LW 

From Old Patterns to Inspired

"I need you … I was lost back into old patterns of thinking and feeling. Your nudge is exactly what I needed.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wonder how many will read your words tomorrow. So supportive, inspiring, comforting and empowering!
YES!”  ~ Blessings, Lou Ellen 

Silent Remote Transmission

"I had known Mahalia for a month or two when she suggested we do a remote transmission with/for my brother. She knew he had been diagnosed schizophrenic and had been on prescribed meds for the last 20+ years. She explained that her work didn’t require the client to be in her presence, or even on the phone with her.

Although I am uber open minded I was amazed that after about 15 minutes into the transmission, my brother called me. His usual fervent behaviour was not there; he spoke with a level of Peace I had not felt from him in years. The conversation was loving and humourous. We cried together. It was utterly beautiful.

Mahalia has an indescribable ability to do things in this reality the likes of which, in my awareness, few others are capable. Be amazed and be assisted in the upliftment of yourself and your loved ones. If you have gone everywhere and done everything and nothing has worked, I propose you reach out to Mahalia and her team now!" - Clint Mitchell


Bodhi the Chihuahua Recovers

"On June 18, 2020 the doggy love of my life, Bodhi, was attacked by a pitbull. Upon the attack Bodhi kept moving her neck back-and-forth and all around in circles. Scary scary sight. She was bitten near her ear and after the attack her tongue was hanging out.

My heart was instantly crushed & extremely concerned. Although I am not the owner of this sweet being, I have adopted Bodhi as my spirit guide. She radiates joy in every moment. We hike together, best of friends, & sit for hours in the hot springs. It is a normal occurrence for her to crawl up on my chest and curl up in the sweetest tight ball ever!

Bodhi was rushed to the vet emergency where she was sedated. The vet did the very best she could to stitch up the wound. She continued to explain that the nerve damage may be severe. She continued with there is a possibility of her not making it. We were left to take Bodhi home in a cast & wait patiently for time to carry on.


I immediately thought to reach out to my soul sister Mahalia. With a schedule I know that is super busy, she created the space to call me back within an hour. She then immediately went into her Brain Bliss gifting. She intuitively scanned Bodhi’s body. She also did a read on Bodhi’s emotional state. The healing transmission then came through sound. The most beautiful high frequency vibrational sounds. The healing transmission proceeded on for about 15 minutes. 

Mahalia then confidently shared that Bodhi will have a full recovery. There will be no nerve damage. She continued to share the thing Bodhi needed the most was just to be held very closely to calm her anxiety from the sudden attack. I followed instructions and took off work for three days. My friend is a nanny and had to work so I held Bodhi and held Bodhi and held Bodhi. She was only taken out of my arms to be given to her mama, Maura. Later that evening Bodhi was making movement and showed irritation with the neck brace. We felt to take the brace off and did so.

The next evening, less then 48 hours after the attack, Bodhi was back to her normal playful self and I took her out on a walk. Miracle. The vet was beyond stumped with Bodhi’s fast turn. 

Mahalia’s gift of scanning, tuning into emotional needs & transmitting healing energy is just straight from the heavens and beyond. Thank you with all of my heart my sweet and healing sister. Bodhi continues on thriving!!! 

With Infinite Gratitude," - Kathleen, Maura (the owner) & Bodhi the Chihuahua


Video Testimonials