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 Brain Bliss offers mastery level education, empowerment & elevation for your Awakened Bliss and Million Dollar Lifestyle


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Whales Dolphins & Mermaids?

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 Here at the Academy of Brain Bliss there are a variety of educational experiences to choose from.


We know you will:





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To Dive In with us and THRIVE! 

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No matter how much you have struggled to find solutions

Or how much you have healed beyond your traumas

We have an ocean of support and treasures here

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Brain Foundation 

Are you just now coming to the awareness that you have unresolved trauma? 
It is your time to shine. Build your new reality here.
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Brain Recovery

Have you experienced neurofeedback for improved brain function?
You are ready for the next level of Light and Sound.
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Brain Bliss

Are you experiencing noticeable recovery and greater levels of peace?
You are ready to embody the Brain Bliss core science.
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 Aloha Beloved, 

I want you to live from your

Bliss State.

Since reuniting with Supreme Source, the Holy Creator & recovering from multiple brain injuries,  PTSD and stress addiction with the loving help of the multi-dimensional Whale and Dolphin frequencies I've been using my PASSION of the heart, brain, body and soul's Super Sonic Bliss State to IGNITE MIRACLES!

Now, here at my Academy, I get to share how I do it with YOU!

Stop losing precious moments and quantum leap with me today. Sail in to the sunset of your dream life with your Brain on Bliss

“To gain the kingdom of Heaven is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable. This is Aloha.  All things in this world are two: in heaven there is but one.”

Queen Lili ‘ uokalani ~ 1838-1917

Last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom

More About My Journey to Bliss

888~Soul Song Session

Sing your Soul Song with the Instrument - your Body


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666~Return to Root Resonance

Multi-dimensional Light and Sound for Upliftment to Epic Flow
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111~Concussion Recovery

Empowering transmissions and resources to optimize your brain function, and release shadow frequencies


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What you can expect 

from any Brain Bliss Masterclass


Awaken your Super Brain Powers by applying our proven Light Sound technology via recorded transmissions and by practicing our Brain Bliss techniques.


We have a variety of advanced neuroscience programs designed with in-depth, futuristic knowledge to take you beyond trauma and into Freedom.    


Every Brain Bliss program travels deep into the profound genius of natural order within our biology and is designed to awaken you to your Greatness.  

Need more ENERGY?

Reconnect with the Zero Point Field in our opulent, HIGH FREQUENCY SCALAR ENERGY SPA RETREAT

13 Day FREE Trial on the inside

  • Boost Your Light Body to boost your Brain & Body Regenerative Power & Freedom
  • Enjoy 24/7 Lyran High Council Support by being cradled in our galactic Scalar Lyran Lotus Spa
  • Release physical, mental and energetic blocks with ease and luxuriousness
  • Zoom with Mahalia & the Bliss Family every month including messages from the Lyran High Council of Angels 
  • Receive an Abundance of radiance transmissions from your Lyran Star seed Family to LIVE YOUR DREAMS 
  • .. PLUS Much More!
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The Lyran High Council of Angels are here to


Get LIFTED  & FLOAT in the Lyran Lotus Cosmic Waters

  Initiate your innate healing abilities, access   abundant flow & magnetize miracles with one of the most magical  star seed systems

 Have you been feeling called to move beyond historical pain, suffering & trauma and embody your SOUL PURPOSE SUPER POWERS?

Would you like to experience authentic and effective GALACTIC ENERGY MEDICINE including 'recovery' in our Lyran Lotus Spa Retreat with our Lyran High Council of Angels 1,000 light years away?

Seems impossible right!?


Enter the Lyran Lotus today and enjoy monthly 24/7 access to our Sonic Scalar Spa Sanctuary .. a Living Lotus overflowing with COSMIC NECTAR, fuelling the illumination and activation of your crystalline body and divine destiny as a Supreme Creator.

Open the flood gates to your ever replenishing STELLAR energy body system and discover the Lyran Lotus as your home away from home. 

The Lyran's prioritize your WELL-BEING, VITALITY AND TRANSFORMATIVE BRILLIANCE with their gentle, safe and energizing Radiance Transmissions. 

Enter either our 13 Day Free Trial or our monthly retreat for your personal needs, family needs and or pet needs and embody the depth, breadth and essence of the Brain Bliss Technology.  Blaze a new trail for your LIFE and become a steward and conductor of this sacred ancient earth and sky technology. 

Juhl Rayne

"One remote transmission with Mahalia and the dark blue growth next to my belly button disappeared."


"I learned how to rid myself of old stuck mind patterns and connect to an inner place of peace."

Kimmie 'River' Fuller

"Mahalia brought me back to my true self, my bliss and my own inherent healing powers."

Rev. Ray Wiggins

"My health is back, my verbal skills are better, I found my balance and I have more energy."

Gina Maier Vincent

"I am back to myself; thinking clearly, energetic, digestion is back to normal and the brain fog is gone." 

Cali Man
(miss you dad)

"I never thought retuning my brain could be fun! Mahalia shows us the way."

 *Recharge Your Energy Body 

*Connect with Whale & Dolphin Light Language

*Unlock Miracles & Live Your BEST Life

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 “Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions

critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.”

~Buckminster Fuller 1895 -1983

Father of the Geodesic Dome



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