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聽May 1, 2024

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"Aloha, Mahalia.......and highest gratitude for the Global Bliss Transmission this morning.聽 It was perfect.聽 The images and words were moving and were highly synchronistic to my path now.聽 From opening roses, to superpowers, to true love, to piano keys, too opening to abundance and prosperity, crystals and diamonds, etc.聽 聽

AND I just coloured a page in my journal for AUGUST and the phrase was "Reach for the gold"!

After the session I rested in the energies for at least 40 minutes.聽 I experienced a vision of seeing聽 a flat plane in the universe of white and silver that held the Akashic records.聽 聽I experienced very warm pulsating golden energy the size of croquet balls in the palms of each of my hands.聽 And a lot of body twitching, with the forearm of my left arm moving upward and pointing up with two fingers and both of my feet bending at the ankle toward me.聽
It happened simultaneously several times during the "resting".聽 And very blissful!!
It was a certain experience to confirm my path.
I smile each month when I look at the numbers to dial.......
777聽 and聽 369333.聽 Pretty good I would say!
So thanks again, dear mermaid of joy, for what you offer to us all!"
Blessings, whales kisses to you, too

"Dear Mahalia ~

Thank you so much for your amazing complimentary transmission yesterday!It was SO powerful!!!Such a gentle POWER of diamond light...It鈥檚 like it blew my circuits, but in a different way... just gentle and loving.聽

It gave me bump up in my frequency to experience what the 5D stream is like. To leave all my 3D dissonance and trauma, stress and exhaustion behind. I felt it was an invitation to swim in a different current in the ocean of life.

One thing that really made a big difference was you saying to take the energy inward instead of outward into action like cleaning the whole house. And the importance of allowing myself to REST yesterday.

That was right on. Exactly what the energies of the day and

my mind and body and being deeply needed.

I found that very nourishing.It led to some subtle important awareness that I would otherwise have missed.

I am so grateful for you and this sacred offering you shared!!

Mahalo & Blessings!"聽 ~Quincetta

"Aloha, to you, woman on the evolutionary frontier.

The July 1st session had a different vibe. Purposeful in a rather serious way.聽 It felt like a deep sacred calling for expansion of the soul and self. I was spiritually moved several times during the session and remained so afterward.聽 Also a deep 2 hour nap after lunch.
Thank you. This session will continue to be working on me."

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