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A promising testimony from a guest of the 3 month Brain-Bliss Re-Boot Program.

“Hi Mahalia,

Truly, I can’t tell you how much I have loved this experience and healing time with you.
For the majority of the time, I could literally feel the healing’s, and there were many, and if you recall a couple of them were intense and slightly uncomfortable, but once you explained that-that could happen, I relaxed with the healing’s. Now when they arrive rarely, I embrace them and I am are grateful for them. Just for the records…the bulging of the sphenoid bone has normalized and the bat wings have relaxed. At one point I thought to myself….”Yikes, I’m turning into a dolphin!” Hahahah!

I never mentioned that from the last traumatic fall I had, I endured a lot of ringing in my ears and flashes of light in my eyes for over two years. It was so difficult to deal with sometimes. Well most of that had subsided before our work together but, I did retain an almost constant-slight ringing in both ears until our time together.  It wasn’t like it was before and usually I could dismiss it.  But… since our time together, the right side of my head has been completely healed of the ringing. AMAZING!  The left side remains, but ever so quietly.  I probably only notice it’s there, because the right side is completely healed! What use to be in stereo, is now mono. Hahahaha!  I am so grateful!

Okay, I use to sing like a bird. But when I went through all the trauma I went through, I basically lost my ability to talk for about two years and I couldn’t SING a note. It was beyond emotionally painful for me. One of the ways I was able to help others and to offer understanding and to heal people was to sing for them. And that gift was taken away. During this difficult time in my life I thought to myself that I must have done something terrible, that I was not aware of, or that, in a past life I hurt thousands of people. It really wounded me to the core. (I actually believe more in DNA memory than past lives). But it doesn’t really matter, I’m just sharing with you.

Anyway…within the last week, my singing voice has returned and almost at 100 percent!  As I was writing to you, I had to see if that was actually true, because it’s such a miracle, so I paused and sang the great love song “That’s All,” all the way through. I am amazed.  

I’ve been wanting to write to you and share all of this and more but I have been growing and healing and shocked and stoked and bewildered and astounded daily in so many ways that I also felt exhausted.  One night I went to bed and slept 14 hours, from 8:30 PM to 10:30 AM. I’ve never done that in my life. It was then that I realized I was in a healing process that was much bigger than I had imagined possible. Thank you.

Boundaries: Oh my gosh! Through the multiple discoveries in the multiple ways this healing has afforded me, I started to realize how off balance my boundaries were; especially professionally. How, almost unwillingly and almost unknowingly I allowed people to take advantage of me in the worst ways.  It’s actually a bit complex to write about but my over extension of unappreciated generosity became unacceptable to me. I realized l had been perpetrating the abuse I experienced as a child to continue into my professional life.  Let’s just say, that I was giving away almost 50% of everything I created because it was easier than respecting my gifts and setting clear boundaries with others. Oh my God, Mahalia, the lights went on in my brain and my entire being like they have never been on before. I began to take a clear and direct stance and, man-a-live, the old paradigm of being abused has fallen away. And the love that is pouring into my life is remarkable.

I haven’t been called “Sunshine,” in years and this morning a man that visits his 8 year old daughter everyday for the last 11 and a half months said, “Good morning, Sunshine.”  and it’s true, I have returned to joy!

And there’s more! And I have other questions but I’ll save them or I’ll be writing to you till our 4:00PM gathering.

God Bless you Mahalia!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I’m sending you so much love and many thanks.”