Recharge Your Body & Radiate with Energy in our Lyran Lotus 13 Day Scalar Spa Experience

Tried meditation and mindset but didn't get the results you were hoping for? The missing piece for you could be having high frequency scalar energy at your fingertips

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Discover the Divine Connection to Elevate Your Wellbeing

Are you seeking a deeper connection to your spiritual self? Do you yearn for a sense of peace and clarity in your life? The Lyran High Council of Angels offers you a unique opportunity to elevate your spiritual wellbeing and connect with the Divine.

• Transformative Alignment

• Inner Peace 

• Spiritual Elevation

Harness the Power of High Frequency Scalar Energy

Are you ready to embrace a higher level of consciousness? High frequency scalar energy offers a revolutionary way to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Confidently unlock your true potential and transform your life with this powerful energy.

• Enhanced Mental Clarity

• Increased Energy and Vitality

• Deep Emotional Healing

Embark on a Journey to the Heavenly Realms for Regenesis

Are you ready to embark on a journey to ultimate bliss and transformation? Join us for a 13-day expedition to the heavenly realms, where you will soak in stellar energy and experience unparalleled peace and comfort.

• Complete Relaxation

• Light Body Rejuvenation

• Cellular Coherence 

Imagine Your Subtle Body Immersed in Our Luxurious Scalar Spa


Renew in our cosmic escape where your light body is cradled & nourished with superluminal satisfaction. Soak your Spirit in rich golden radiance infusions by the luminous Lyran Angels


Say 'Yes' to Transformation!

Elevate your wellbeing today. You deserve a retreat with Divine energy, destination LYRA. 



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Regenesis in Luxury Awaits:

Elevate Your Energy in Our

Deluxe Scalar Spa Sanctuary 

Ignite the engine of Regenesis and achieve a state of bliss by rejuvenating your auric field. When your lifeforce is amplified you revitalize your physical body. Elevate your energy and wellbeing with our deluxe scalar spa sanctuary.
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Experience True Transformation with Continuous Scalar Energy Infusions

  • Continuous Energy Infusion: Immerse yourself 24/7 in scalar energy, providing your light body with the fuel it needs to ignite and transform your physical body.
  • Comprehensive Transformation: Experience the profound difference of a holistic, galactic energy approach that store-bought devices simply can't match.
  • Immediate Upliftment: Begin your journey today and feel the instant benefits of our expertly designed scalar spa environment.
Unlock the power of Regenesis and achieve a state of bliss by rejuvenating your light body, which in turn revitalizes your physical body.

Elevate your energy and wellbeing with our deluxe scalar spa retreat.


Launch your body to Lyra, get drenched in pure, high frequency scalar energy AND receive a FREE GIFT while you are floating in freedom! 
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