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DISCLAIMER: I, Mahalia Michael, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. I assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their bio-field that assists the body to release its innate healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body’s innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing. I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice and my work is a complement to regular allopathic medicine. My spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. I am a sound alchemist and my work is spiritually based and I believe all healing is spiritual in nature. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the Academy of Brain-Bliss light sound energy technology sessions or products.

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666 ~ Return to Root Resonance

Aloha Blissful Being of Light and Sound!

Have you ever sensed something holding you back from living your true potential and not been able to put your finger on it?

Have you ever shocked your root system by, for instance, falling on your tailbone, and afterward the experience seemed to compromise your energy and enthusiasm for life?

Would you be willing to liberate yourself from ANY buried root/sacral trauma and unforeseen densities, programs and patterns that may be preventing you from fulfilling your destiny and having lasting peace?

Are you ready to go out on a limb and be the Creator Being that you BE?

Are you ready to resonate your golden vibes, express your gifts and dance in a life fully lived?

With multi-dimensional sounds and tones here to support and guide you, create miraculous transformation and BLISS, true lasting happiness in your life.

It’s time beyond time, time as ART in Creation .. It is your ART to recognize the power of your voice and expand into the sound of your Root Resonance!

Experience multiple energetic transmissions with us as we awaken to our Super Glory and Grace, our Super Hue-man Hue-woman potency :)

Go with such delight to the waking certainty of Bliss.” -Gerald Heard

Return to Root Resonance Triple Master Number is 666 ~ Awakening ~ Success ~ Positivity

*Waking Up to Our Higher Spiritual Truth and Path

*Faith in the Power of Loving, Positive Thoughts and Actions

*The Universe ALWAYS has your back and is responding to your HEAVENLY Dreams through the Uluru Prophecy’s Magic Box of Golden LIGHT

Return to Root Resonance Animal Totem Medicine is Deer ~ Innocence ~ Unconditional LOVE ~ Fearlessness

*Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace, peacefulness, gentleness, kindness, humility and fearlessness

*Being in touch with and embracing our innocent inner child CHRISTBLISS LIGHT united with the rainbow bridge of Prime Matter

*Unconditional Divine Mother/Father LOVE and Tenderness tempered with Profound Strength, Justice and Truth

NOW is the Time to Be the Creator Being that you BE :)

Who and What is here for your evolution into freedom?

The Galactic Lyran High Council of Angels, The Great Central Sun Scalar Waves which are the highest codes of light from our known Universe. Also, the white whale and dolphin family multi-dimensional consciousness that reveal themselves through Mahalia’s voice, the content on these pages and all Brain Bliss products and programs as waves of light frequencies that elicit transformation.

Attunements for our 666 ~ Return to Root Resonance in no particular order:

*Holy Sacrum Chamber

*Temple of the Tail Bone

*Sacred Psoas System

*Universal Kundalini Current

*Alta Major Morphogenesis

*Lyran Telepathy Current

*Adrenal Vagus Axis

*Endogenous Opioids

*Accessing Prime Matter

*Self-Governing Supreme Authority

*Sentropic Entropic Thermodynamics


*Profound Awareness ~ Intrinsic Unity of Mind

Be in a comfy position and drink a full 8 ounce glass of water before any transmission whether it is 'Live' or recorded.

Celebrating the Creator Being that you Be ... Out on a Limb.

Oceans of Devotion,

Mahalia and the Bliss Family